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emi 10
Compact with security lebel 5
Seurity Level 5
Price 58,000 YEN(+Tax)
Insertion Slot  220mm (A4)
Shredding Mechanism  Micro Cut
Shredding Dimension  2×10mm
Number of document   
that can be shredded   
Power  AC 100V 50/60HZ
Power Consumption   
Product Size   W 260 / D 400
/ H 570 mm
Waste Capacity   26L

The 4 attractions of emi10

I know high security shredder is necessary to shred waste papers, but price is high and it looks like previous refrigerator. I want a shredder which has a slightly small size, design matching with office and reasonable price. emi 10 meets such requests.。
Compact size is appropriate to place side of desk
Quietness design is friendly to the office environment
It realizes the low price with the security level 5 performance
The stylish design which has never seen on conventional shredders.

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