Q What are the things that shall not be shredded?
Some things other than paper such as (gachuck, metal, carbon paper, laminate, film, OHP sheet, label paper, stickers or something with paste, fabric, and newspapers shall not be shredded).
Do not shred clips, staplers, needles, CDs, and credit cards into the shredder if the Shred Gear model is not compatible with these shredding functions.

Q If the Shred Gear stopped working suddenly is it a malfunction?
If the shredder is being used for more than 30 minutes, it activates power saving mode and shuts down the shredder automatically. If that happens open the door and restart the shredder. 
Now, in case of a paper jam or the paper detector is active, the shredder will remain operational and will cause some effects as mentioned above. 
Check the manual “Is it a problem with my Shred Gear” for your reference and check the symptoms of the Shred Gear. If the problems has not been resolved, please contact our customer service center 0800-800-5474

Q How to purchase parts of the Shred Gear?
We do not sell parts of the Shred Gear
In addition, we do not recommend our customer to dismantle the Shred Gear. If in case a customer has dismantled the Shred Gear, the warranty will not be applicable hence we recommend to check the vender or contact our customer service center for repair. 

Q Is there a business trip for repair service?
We do business trip for repair service (except some models) hence if repair is needed, please contact our customer service center.

Q Is it possible to repair the Shred Gear even if the expiry date is not mentioned on the warranty?
Please submit the warranty with the documents which we can confirm the date of purchase (Invoice, Statement of Delivery and etc). Now, if the mentioned document cannot be submitted or the purchase date is unknown, the repair amount shall be borne by the customer.

Q What is the life-span for Shred gear?
The standard life expectancy of an office equipment is 5 years hence we also set 5 years as a guide for use. However, life expectancy will slightly vary depending on the usage.

Q Can I use a trash bag that is sold in the market?
Yes, but please purchase a trash bag that is a suitable size for the dust (shred) box.

Q Is there a maintenance contract?
We offer maintenance contract such as a periodic inspection for further information please contact our customer service center.

 Shred Gear has 20 models and 4 series for you to choose from.