■ M.K.
To make a disposal of confidential documents in an executive room come true, we chose Kiwami F6.
・Title : General manager of Global Corporate Planning Division
・Line of work : Communication network business
・Number of employee : 400 persons
・Product : Kiwami F6 (3 units)
・Department : Director conference room
・Purpose of adoption : To make unrecoverable the confidential documents which used for board meetings, and to certainly discard them in front of all the participants on the site after meeting.
《 Impressions after introduction 》
We have a meeting four times a year that gather our executive officers around the world to decide the most important issue in management.
All bills are top secret and we need to take all possible measures for preventing leakage of information. Most of the bills are explained by using a projector, but detail data are explained by using a handout.
Previously, we put the serial number on all handouts and we were discarding them by melting after meeting. 
However, we concluded the safest way is to discard them in the conference room and in front of all participant's eyes, and we introduced a Kiwami F6.
As a result of introduction, the conference room was crowded because its shredding capacity is 6 sheets and it posed a problem on operation. Therefore, we add 2 units and are discarding handouts by 3 units.

■ A.N.
To raise feeling of safety of customers at client liaison, we have chosen kiwami KS704.
・Title : Branch Bank Administration Department・Manager of General Affairs Department
・Line of work : Financing business
・Employee: 800 persons
・Product: kiwami KS704 (12 units)
・Department: Client liaison
・Purpose of adoption: To certainly discard documents and memorandum which contain client's information at client liaison, we adopted kiwami KS704.
《 Impression after adoption 》
At client liaison of financial business, we take a copy to confirm client's personal information or take a memorandum about handling of it. Furthermore, if there is mistake in application form, we need to discard them on site.
Therefore, we adopted compact high security shredder kiwami KS704 in all of our client liaisons.
Previously, we were discarding them by 2 large shredder in the office. But now, we can certainly discard them at client liaison and the business efficiency was improved, and we got favorable comments from client liaison staff.
Furthermore, we post the message which apprises "we certainly discard the documents which we keep from clients by shredding them into the smallest particle in the world". And we are getting favorable reputation from clients.

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