In order for SAKAE to offer the highest quality and advanced technology from manufacturing to after sales service. We closely tie-up with YAMATO HOME CONVIENCE and MITSUBISHI SYSTEM SERVICE to support all the customer's request. 
◆ Yamato Home Convenience
We will ship the product to your destination, and install the shredder as per our manual to make it ready to use.
◆ Mitsubishi System Service
We have about 100 service offices in Japan and our expert engineers who have received the certification for technical training will visit your office for repair and periodic maintenance. 
◆ Shred Gear Support Center
We manage all the inquiries received by our customers with utmost care whether it has been received via email or phone calls and will accurately respond back as soon as possible. 

 ● Our engineer will visit and execute repairing services at your site. However, Mitsubishi System Service group will be the one responsible of managing and responding to any inquiry from the end user in the local market. 

● We request you to ship the product to our factory for the repair if parts for the overhaul is needed. The transportation for sending/returning and installation will be done by YAMATO HOME CONVIENCE.

Contact our customer support center for troubleshooting(Support Center) 0800-800-5474 

 Shred Gear has 20 models and 4 series for you to choose from.